25 Avril 2017 – Cours du Prof. Gareth H. McKinley : "Rheology and Nonlinear Dynamics of Complex Fluids"

09 h Université de Bordeaux- Bâtiment A9 amphi #3

Professor Gareth H. McKinley is the School of Engineering Professor of Teaching Innovation within the Department of Mechanical Engineering at MIT. We are pleased to receive him in our University where he will give a six lecture series in two parts.

Prof. G.H. McKinley © Tous droits réservés Prof. G.H. McKinley © Tous droits réservés


Professor Gareth H. McKinley  received his BA (1985) and M.Eng (1986) degrees from the University of Cambridge and his Ph.D (1991) from the Chemical Engineering department at MIT. He taught in the Division of Engineering and Applied Science at Harvard from 1991-1997 and was an NSF Presidential Faculty Fellow from 1995-1997. He won the Annual Award of the British Society of Rheology in 1995 and the Frenkiel Award (with J. P. Rothstein) from the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics in 2001. He served as Executive Editor of the Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics from 1999 to 2009 and as Associate Editor of Journal of Fluid Mechanics from 2007-2009. He is presently a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Rheology, Rheologica Acta and Applied Rheology. He most recently served as the Associate Dept. Head for Research of the Mechanical Engineering Department at MIT from 2008-2013. He is also a co-founder and member of the Board of Directors of Cambridge Polymer Group. His current research interests include extensional rheology of complex fluids, non-Newtonian fluid dynamics, microrheology & microfluidics, field-responsive fluids, super-hydrophobicity, wetting of nanostructured surfaces and the development of nanocomposite materials.

He is the author of over 250 technical publications and was one of the winners of the 2007 Publication Award of the Society of Rheology. He is a Fellow of the American Physical Society and vice-president of the US National Committee of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (USNC/TAM). He was the recipient of the 2013 Bingham Medal of the Society of Rheology and the 2014 Gold Medal of the British Society of Rheology. He presently serves as the President of the Society of Rheology.

A six lecture series in two parts

  1. Rheological Fundamentals & Background
    1. Shear Rheology and Linear Viscoelasticity: April 25; 9 – 11 am
    2. Polymer Rheology from the Solution to the Melt: April 26; 9 – 11 am
    3. Extensional Rheology of Complex Fluids: April 27; 9 – 11 am
  2. Current Topics of Rheological Research
    1. Large Amplitude Oscillatory Shear (LAOS) of Complex Fluids: May 2; 9 – 11 am
    2. Microfluidic Flows and Instabilities of Complex Fluids: May 3; 9 – 11 am
    3. Fractional Calculus for Complex Fluids and Soft Solids: May 4, 9 – 11 am

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Lecture Part #1

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Lecture Part #2

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