Parcours LIGHT, Matter and iNteractions

The Master « LIGHT, Matter and iNteractions » (LMN) of the graduate research program Light S&T is an international and interdisciplinary master that aims to provide high-level education and training in English in the fields of lasers and photonics, quantum sciences & quantum technologies, extreme regimes of light and plasmas, condensed matter, nanosciences, optoelectronics, materials for photonics, biophysics and biophotonics.

The Master meets the strong demand for qualified researchers and engineers in the domains of light sciences and their applications. This Master benefits from the excellence of the Bordeaux campus research in these fields, a rich industrial environment, the proximity of a unique facility (Laser Mega Joule), and the partnership with the Institut d’Optique Graduate School.

Program outline

The international Master in LIGHT Matter and iNteraction is a two-year (120 ECTS) Master of Science Program offered in English.

The international Master in Light Sciences and Technologies (LIGHT S&T) is part of the University of Bordeaux Graduate Research School (UB Grad’s). Selected as a French Initiative of Excellence, the program focuses on knowledge and innovation in light sciences and technologies, providing a multidisciplinary environment for first-class research and education. Students are offered cross-disciplinary training with a strong emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship. The UB Grad’s in Light Sciences and Technologies is an integrated, interdisciplinary program, provided by both academic and industrial experts. The Master is embedded in a cross-fertilizing research environment, adapted to future professions within photonic industries.

Strengths of the program

  • Integrated and interdisciplinary education program provided by academic and industrial experts
  • Immersive training in research laboratories and the industrial R&D centers
  • Extensive hands-on training is given in state of the art research facilities and infrastructures
  • Transverse skills modules
  • International mobility and/or training in industry 

Research and training topics

The interdisciplinary graduate program in Light Sciences and Technologies focuses on three domains of excellence of the University of Bordeaux: Light Generation, Manipulation and Detection, Extreme regime of light, Light imaging and biophotonics

The Light Sciences and Technologies Master program is taught in English and the student benefits from individual tutorship throughout all four semesters.

Fees and Scholarships:

University registration fees. Exemptions are available based on social criteria.

Scholarships available: Scholarships may be granted to selected applicants according to criteria of excellence.

Career in Light Sciences and technologies 

After graduation, students are fully prepared to pursue doctoral studies and a career in research. They may also work as scientists or R&D engineers within the industrial field.

Associated business sectors:

  • Light sources
  • Laser processing and 3D manufacturing
  • Sensors and multi-responsive detection systems
  • Smart and reconfigurable integrated photonics systems based on innovative hybrid nanotechnologies
  • Optical components and devices manufacturing
  • Innovative optical materials
  • Pharmaceutical companies (drug screening and testing)
  • Bio-imaging

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